Buying your own vehicle is one of the biggest dreams of your life specially if you are a man. Working hard for so many years, saving money and after that you come to a point of purchasing a brand new car, van, jeep etc. Whatever it is, you can be proud of yourself at that moment when you first drive the vehicle into your house to show it to your family. A happy day of everyone. However, the most important thing is to protect your conveyance and maintain it regularly. For instance, you will always have the uncertainty of leaving the car parked somewhere and have the fear of losing it by theft.

Today the world is so corrupted and cruel that no one can say your car cannot be robbed and taken away. It could happen in the next minute once you park and go for your work. Having said that, there a myriad of devices in the market to save your vehicle. An anti theft device will be available in numerous forms for you to choose according your preference. Let’s have a look at some of the options you can consider which are slightly above the normal beeping alarm system. anti theft tracking devices

Vehicle tracking

These are fitted with Global Positioning Systems to offer you a real time location service with the use of a mobile app such as a bluetooth locator. Being a highly effective method, it has proven huge success rates.

Tire lock

Although this is one of the safest things to do, you cannot do it everyday. Because the massive blocks of metal make your vehicle completely immovable and very difficult to attach and remove. But if you are planning to leave for few days, this is the best method.

Hood lock

The thieves have no chance to steal your car if you have put a hood lock. It locks the hood and hinder the access to the engine, battery and other critical parts as the stealers try to detach the parts of your car to sell in the car parts market.

Steering wheel lock

This device helps you by locking the steering wheel in one place and even if the robber accomplishes to breakdown the door lock, he won’t be capable of driving away with the vehicle. What else to do without the steering wheel?

Kill switch

This will temporarily shut down a part of engine’s electrical system. Once it is done, anyone cannot deactivate it until you unlock the car, buckle your seat belt and push the gear pedal.

All of the above devices will ensure the safety of your precious vehicle. Invest on one of those!